RhinoAg recommends a multi-purpose, non-synthetic gear oil 85W140. It is recommended that the oil levels are checked every 8 to 10 hours. To check the oil level on a gearbox that has a dipstick remove the dipstick, wipe clean, and then screw the dipstick back down tight against the top of the gearbox. Then remove the dipstick again to see if the oil level inside the acceptable range. Replace gear oil after 1500 hours or if the oil becomes cloudy/contaminated. Some gearboxes will have a drain plug near the bottom of the box. If there is no drain plug the oil will need to be removed with a suction device.

It is important that the clutches slip when an obstacle or load heavier than the clutch setting is encountered. Therefore, if the machine sits outside longer than 30 days and is exposed to rain and/or humid air, it is important to make sure that the clutch lining plates are not rusted/frozen together. It is also recommended that the clutches be slipped before each mowing season. Please refer to your operator’s manual for the clutch slipping procedure.

The attached video from our "How-to Series" will guide you through the slip clutch maintenance for the drivelines on most of RhinoAg’s current 15' flex wing models. See your Operator's manual for clutches that may be different that the ones shown in this video or email your model and serial number to [email protected] for further assistance. View the Video

The tractor drawbar must be positioned at a certain length based on the operating speed of the mower for proper driveline operation. If the mower is a 540 RPM unit position the drawbar length from the PTO shaft end to the hitch hole at 14". For small 1000 RPM (1 3/8" X 21 spline) set this distance at 16" and for large 1000 RPM (1 ¾" X 20 spline) set at 20".

Refer to the TS10 Set up video for assistance in setting up and maintaining your TS10 Flex Wing. View the Video

Refer to this video in the "How-to Series" on how to level your RhinoAg Flex Wing cutter. View the Video

When new every RhinoAg cutter has a serial number tag attached to the unit. The majority of the time this tag will be located near the front of the cutter. If the tag can not be located on the unit it may be necessary to identify it with visual clues. RhinoAg customer service will be happy to assist you in identifying your cutter. Send an email to [email protected] with the following information. Include the approximate cutting width of the unit and any numbers that may be visible on the gearboxes. Please attach a number of good quality pictures of the cutter from a few different angles. Also include pictures of the cutting bar or pan.

All parts ordered from My Rhino Parts have a limited 90 day warranty from the date of purchase.